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Hands free texting app for Android free

Thursday morning Android and texting fans alike will surely awaken to a surprise. The Mobilize
conference being held in San Francisco will reveal a new free Android app that will allow users to send
and receive texts without putting a finger on their phone.

Texting NOT by hand is a good idea.

CEO Chris Hassett of AdelaVoice, said the initial reason for the idea came about when many states
prohibited drivers from texting while driving. With so many accidents linked to “text driving”, this is an
innovative way to solve a huge problem.

According to the developers over at AdelaVoice, the StartTalking, so appropriately named, is the only
text messaging app that is completely hands free. The goal is to keep the drivers eyes on the road at all
times. The StartTalking doesn’t even need a hands free car system to operate.

Yet another neat feature with the StartTalking is the SVC (Short Voice Service). With this feature, one
can record a short voice message and it will be sent to the recipient as an attachment. In the near
future this app. Will also function in the same way to create calendar entries, compose e-mails and even
update you social networking profiles.

AdelaVoice is planning on introducing a premium version of the StartTalking in the early part of the
coming year. Pay only a onetime fee of $20 and you will get a bushel of added featured. The free
version seems pretty advanced and I cannot imagine what else you could get. Voice dialing, texting and
navigation commands seem good enough.

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